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Gustavo Villada’s First Web Project

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My name is Gustavo Villada, Im in 10th grade and attending at Sweetwater High School. I like going to Sweetwater because, the teachers here llok out for student helping them how to make it to be somone big in life. Another reason why I like going to Sweetwater because, its less crime in the school, there's teacher around the campus watching over us. My final reason why I like Sweetwater is because education, because in life we must be educated to get a good job, the education here is greate.

I love playing sports. At school I play for the J.V. Football team I play runningback #28. My favorite Football team is the Minnesota Vikings. Other sports i like to play is Baseball and Paintball.

My future plans are, going to a good university play ball and try to make it to the NFL. If that doesnt happen i want be an Engineering.